Primary CPD Offer

Stage: Early years, 1 and 2

NRICH: Partners with you in developing rich mathematical learning

The NRICH team is delighted to work with you to help you develop rich mathematical learning opportunities for all primary students. We work with teachers and learners in a number of different ways. 

1. INSET day programmes

Our most popular programmes of Teacher Professional Development follow 3 main themes:

  • Enhancing Subject Knowledge e.g. Embedding Problem Solving in Geometry,  Fractions Unpacked etc.
  • NRICHing the Curriculum e.g. Supporting Children to Become Expert Reasoners, Focusing on Fluency, Progression through Problem Solving etc.
  • Mathematical Habits of Mind e.g. Mastering Mathematics, Developing Curious, Resilient and Resourceful Learners etc.

2. Conference keynotes and workshops

We promote the exploration of rich tasks and look at how these can be embedded in
curricula and classrooms. We stimulate debate about the nature of mathematics, its beauty
and creativity, its place in 21st century life and how this impacts on the provision made for
mathematics in our classrooms.

3. Extended Programmes of Teacher Professional Development

We run extended programmes of teacher professional development (3 or more days) 
to inspire and stimulate debate around rich tasks and deep mathematical learning.
Current examples:

4. Student Workshops

We offer bespoke student workshops for all primary year groups.  
E.g. Developing your mathematical fitness, Remodelling Reasoning, Two is better than One - Collaborative Learning for all!

To find out more about any of these opportunities or to tailor some CPD to suit your needs please contact Fran Watson , we look forward to hearing from you.

Please note our cancellation policy when making a booking.

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