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A spiropath is a sequence of connected line segments end to end taking different directions. The same spiropath is iterated. When does it cycle and when does it go on indefinitely?

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LOGO Challenge - the Humble Square

Look at how the pattern is built up - in that way you will know how to break the final pattern down into more manageable pieces.

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LOGO Challenge - the Logic of LOGO

Just four procedures were used to produce a design. How was it done? Can you be systematic and elegant so that someone can follow your logic?

Making Moiré Patterns

Age 11 to 18 Challenge Level:
We only had one person submit a Moiré pattern for us! Thank you to Daniel from Wilson’s School who sent in:

cs setpc 13 repeat 360 [fd 79 bk 56 rt 8 fd 123 bk 125 rt 34 fd 10 bk 10 rt 34] ht

Do try out some more Moiré patterns on the nrich TWILGO site and then send them to us.