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Who Can Be the Winner?

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level
Among the solutions sent in we had these three good answers. First from Elena at Estes Hills Elementary School NC  USA

Janine is the winner of the beanbag tose because she threw the farthest.

Anna is the winner of the hopping contest because she hopped the most.

Marek is the winner of the race because he ran the quickest.

From St. Anselm's Prep School in England first Tom's and then Toby's solutions;

For the first question the winner was Janine.
For the second question the winner was Anna.
For the third question the winner was Marek.

So first Janine won by one pace then Anna won by three hops and finally Marit won by one second. I worked this problem out by carefully looking at the scores and selecting the largest one although on the last one you had to select the lowest amount of seconds because you select the person who took the least time to run across the playground.

On the last day for submissions we had this lengthy response which I had to shorten to fit into this page, from Swaathi at the Garden International School in Malaysia. She wrote:

The winner for this is Janine because it is 21 paces.
Next I continued with the second problem
The winner is Anna with 32 paces.
Finally, it is clear that Marek won because he took the shortest time among the three.

Thank you for these and the others that came in.  It caused you to think now that it is not always the highest number that is the winner.