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How Do You See It?

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level

We had a number of solutions sent in that provided the "answers" to the calculations. Voltaire from Ravenor Primary School in England sent in the calculations explanation as follows:

$1.5$ doing $3+2=5$, $2.5$ doing $8-3=5$ $3.3$ doing $9-6=3$,

$4.3$ doing $8-5=3$, $5.6$ doing $9-3=6$, $6.10$ doing $3+7=10$

Our first contribution to the Primary site, not in English came from Jose at the Esapana Istituto;

Esto es para dos de los problemas. Mi hermana pequeña, Anya ellos lo hicieron por mí. Ella tiene cinco años.
Zoe tiene 3 caramelos. Rajneeti le da dos más. 3 +2 = 5 / tres y dos son cinco
Karala tena 8 muñecas.
Ella le dio tres de ellos a su hermana pequeña. ¿Cómo ha Karala muchas muñecas tiene ahora?
As que 8-3 = 5 / ocho menos tres es igual a cinco

Which I think says:

This is for two problems. My little sister, Anya they did for me. She is five years.

  Zoe has $3$ candies. Rajneeti gives you two more. $3 +2 = 5$ / three and two are

  Kerala had $8$ dolls.
  She gave three of them to his little sister. How many has Karala
dolls have now?

  So $8-3 = 5$ / eight minus three is equal to five

Thank you Jose, for that. Thanks also to Voltaire