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Curve Spotting

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1
We had a few suggestion about what the $24$ pictures were from Brewers Hill Middle School in England.  They were Kyle , who suggested, 

Succulent plant, leaf, bacteria/microbes, Great Barrier Reef, Butterfly, Moth, red/white blood cells, circuit board, DNA, light, land that has experienced drought, paisley pattern, oranges, lemons and limes, galaxy, gazelle, leopard, lollipops, crater, planets/solar system, snail shell, spiral stair case, satellite view of a hurricane, inside of a sunflower/helanthius whorl and a vortex in water.

We had similar ideas from Molly, Annaleigh, Amber and Georgina all from the same school. Ms Wickens also joined in and added a few recognisable mathematical shapes as follows,

1. Aloe polyphilla (spiral)
2. chlorophyl
3. Prochlorococcus - the most common microbe in the world's ocean
4. Atoll reef - the Blue Hole in Belize
5. Diaethria anna aka 88 butterfly, found in wet tropical forests in
Central America and South America
6. Bronze copper butterfly
7. red and white blood cells
8. circuit board
9. DNA - double helix
10. speed of light
11. dried river bed
12. spiral paisley pattern
13. citrus fruit slices - oranges, limes and lemons
14. andromeda galaxy
15. impala
16. leopard
17. spiral lollipops
18. meteor crater in Arizona
19. planets
20. snail shell
21. spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum
22. satelite view of a hurricane
23. helianthus whorl - centre of a sunflower
24. a vortex in water

Thank you Brewers Hill for those suggestions and I hope that you'll be recognising shapes in all kinds of things that you see in the world around you.