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Matching Numbers

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

We had these  interesting submissions from pupils. We did not have many sent in as I suppose the game type activity that this was did not lead to much being written down. But these two ideas were good and we appreciate the ideas being sent in.
 from St.Anthony's Catholic Primary School
 wrote explaining what to do:

Look for two pictures thet represent the same value.
There might be a hand-five fingers, a clock showing a certain time or simply a number.
To suceed find two pictures with the same value e.g: a hand and a number five.

 from somewhere in England wrote:

A picture of a number is a picture containing a certain amount of objects to represent the chosen number.
You can represent the number $8$ by the number of legs on a spider, and you can represent the number $13$ by the number of loafs in a bakers dozen.
This makes it easier to see for younger children.
It is almost like a pictogram but not in horizontal rows