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These two challenges will test your time-keeping!

Millennium Man

Liitle Millennium Man was born on Saturday 1st January 2000 and he will retire on the first Saturday 1st January that occurs after his 60th birthday. How old will he be when he retires?

Calendar Sorting

The pages of my calendar have got mixed up. Can you sort them out?

Palindromic Date

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

The number $2002$ is palindromic because it is the same read from left to right as it is read from right to left.

There was one date in February of the year $2002$ where the eight digits are palindromic if the date is written in the British way (dd/mm/yyyy).

This is not palindromic written the American way (mm/dd/yyyy).

Is there any palindromic date written the American way that year?

Find the next occasions when palindromic dates occur written in each way and the number of days between them.