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Olympic Turns

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level
So the $16$ pictures caused you to look carefully and think about turning and angles. Here are three ideas that were sent in.

First from Alex who is at Stoke by Nayland Middle School and this is what Alex says:

You find $90$ degrees and then you work from there giving a rough estimate at where they are.

Secondly Russell from St. Anselm's wrote:

I chose the basketball player. She is bending her arms at a obtuse angle at $140$ degrees and she is firing the ball out of her hands. Before that she had her arms at a right angle at $90$ degrees ready to fire.

Lastly Joe from West Hove Junior School thought about the swimmer.

$95$ degrees on the elbow
$45$ degrees on the other elbow
$90$ degrees on the waist

We had three late submissions come from the British International School in Vietnam, firstly Tamzin who wrote:

I think the angle of the swimmer (bottom row, first from the left) is $92$ Degrees, because it looks a teeny bit more than a right angle.

and from Simran who copied the picture of the Diver and wrote:

This is a Dive Taken place during the olympics in which some parts of your body have to be in a particular angle, example- your feet need to be absolutely pointed $180 °$. Also your hands need to be in a fist which is $360 °$. Some divers fall into the water after turning $360 °$, most divers fall in with their bodies as a stream line which is $180 °$.

finally Nadya wrote:

The picture that I have a solution for is on the Bottom row second to the left. I think it is around an $85$ Degrees because it cannot be $90$. If it was $90$ degrees then her body would be completely straight. She might have used a beam or trampoline to give her a push to become that shape.

Thank you all for these thoughtful solutions.