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What's in a Name?

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

We had some good ideas as to what your names might be in the code we suggested. First, Maalavisha
 at Flora Stevenson Primary School
 inthe UK

This chart has numbers $1-9$ and letters A-Z. The numbers are in order above the letters which are also in order in rows of $9$. Jim and Jan got different number patterns because the last two letters of their names are different. Both of the names have $3$ letters and $1$ vowel but the vowels and the last $2$ letters are not the same. This is why for both the number patterns they have the same first number but the last two are different just like their names.


Lewis at 
Citipointe Christian College
 in  Australia
My name begins with an L it has $5$ letters. $2$ of them are vowels. my name
in letters would be $35591$.


Lastly Annie
 at Fern Public School
 in Canada
My name would be $1 5 5 9 5$.  Each column has one number and three letters. For example column $14$ has letters A J S. If your name started with A, J, or S you would put $1$ as the first number.


Thank you for these and others who probably worked on this fun challenge but did not send their work in.