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Our Sports

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

This activity was somewhat different to the usual ones and would probably be explored when the class is doing something about data collection. If this happens later in the year still feel free to send in solutions. We had the following from someone who unfortunately left no name or school!


To tell other classes what sport is most liked in our class you could have a vote.Then we could make a graph to show them. For example if half the class voted for the high jump and nobody voted for the $100$ metre sprint, it would be shown on the graph. It could also be shown in a table or a bar chart. In the bar chart it would show diffrent coloured bars for different sports. In a table it would be shown by drawing $1,2,3,4$.


Lance from Concord Elementary School in the US sent in this well constructed and useful pie chart. Well Done!.


This pie chart shows very clearly a lot of information, you might look at this as an incentive for a discussion, thank you Lance.