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Our Sports

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Our Sports

There are lots of different races and games that will go on in the Olympic Games.

You may be able to remember your school sports day when there were lots of races and games.


Is there a race or game that you would like to be in?


Do you have a favourite race or game that's part of the Olympic Games?

What about the rest of your class, do they have a favourite race or game?



Can you think of a way that would tell other classes what race or game is liked by most of your class?

Could you also think of a way to show what is least popular?

How would you do that?

Another thing that you may be able to do is to show other classes which races or games are most liked by your class.


Why do this problem?

This activity may be used as a good start to discuss about collecting data on a relevant topic. It offers pupils the chance to decide what method of collecting data they might use, and how they would like to display what they find out.  

Possible approach

You might choose to begin by asking the children what competitive games they know, and what they know about them.  You might choose to show some videos from the frequently updated Olympic website.

Key questions

Tell me what information you want to collect.
How did you decide?
Who are you going to ask?
How will you know who you've asked?

Possible extension

Ask the pupils in what ways can they extend their data collection to take into account more information, and how they might display their additional findings.


Possible support

Some pupils may benefit by having pictures of different games and sports to remind them of the key pieces of information about each.