Secondary CPD Follow-up


Here is a collection of useful resources intended for teachers who have attended an NRICH Secondary CPD session.

If you haven't already seen them, watch the videos and read the Teachers' Notes to the NRICH problem Tilted Squares.

The Teacher Guide gives an overview of the site and how to find resources.

Enriching the Secondary Curriculum contains some articles about rich tasks and how they can be used to inspire your students.

The Stage 3 and 4 Curriculum Collections link to the Curriculum Mapping Document which map NRICH problems to the curriculum by topic. Under the heading "Working Mathematically" there are also collections of problems chosen to develop students' process skills.

Other resources for teachers include printable resources, interactive resources and posters.

Teachers can Register for our monthly email newsletter to be kept up to date with our latest news.

I've Submitted a Solution - What Next?


In this article, the NRICH team describe the process of selecting solutions for publication on the site.

Recommended articles and videos: What we think and why we think it

Networking opportunities:

One of the simplest ways to converse with other teachers who use NRICH is by joining the conversation on Twitter. If you include the hashtag #nrichmaths in your tweets, then the NRICH team and anyone else who is interested can read what you have to say. To see what others are saying about NRICH, just search for the #nrichmaths hashtag.

For particular events, we will publicise the event's hashtag, at and after the event, so you can talk with other teachers who participated.

Some teachers who use NRICH write blog entries about their experiences of working on particular problems. Do let us know if you have done this, so that we can link to your blog.