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Three children are going to buy some plants for their birthdays. They will plant them within circular paths. How could they do this?

Junior Frogs

Have a go at this well-known challenge. Can you swap the frogs and toads in as few slides and jumps as possible?

More Plant Spaces

This challenging activity involves finding different ways to distribute fifteen items among four sets, when the sets must include three, four, five and six items.

More Children and Plants

Age 7 to 14
Challenge Level

Why do this problem?

This activity provides a good extension to the Plants activity when you have an exceptional pupil who you think could go so much further. It offers opportunities for both graphical and spreadsheet work. As with the more accessible version of this activity, it provides an opportunity for pupils to think creatively about those aspects of mathematics in which they may not have had any instruction.

Possible approach

Introduce the Plants activity and discuss with the pupil how this could be extended using this challenge. 

Key questions

What ways are you finding for drawing the appropriate diagrams?
Tell me about the areas you have obtained.
What have you set up on your spreadsheet/in your table?