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Order the Changes

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Natasha from Ricards Lodge reminds us that:

These cycles are just big circles which repeat themeselves over time, for example the life cycle of a frog starts with frogspawn, then they slowly grow into tadpoles and become fully grown frogs, this is where the cycle begins again.

The plant is exactly the same, the seed germinates and grows, creates roots and the produces seeds in which another plant grows from.  

You're right, Natasha.  So, this means we could start anywhere in the cycle and order the pictures from that point.

Niharika from Leicester High School for Girls drew the two cycles for us in the correct order:


Jessie from Ricards Lodge added descriptions to the order of the bean life cycle that she created. She has presented the cycle in three rows, going left to right on each, in this Word document.

Thank you to you all.