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Show that for any triangle it is always possible to construct 3 touching circles with centres at the vertices. Is it possible to construct touching circles centred at the vertices of any polygon?

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Find the vertices of a pentagon given the midpoints of its sides.

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Start with any number of counters in any number of piles. 2 players take it in turns to remove any number of counters from a single pile. The loser is the player who takes the last counter.


Stage: 4 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Start by drawing some lines and recording how many squares they cross.

What do you notice about the coordinates of lines that pass through the corners of grid squares?

You may wish to experiment with the GeoGebra applet below. Be patient as it may take some time to load.
Alternatively, you can install GeoGebra on your computer and download and run the GeoGebra file