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Shaping It

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

We had just three contributions sent in, which is sometimes the case with these more visual challenges. However it is good to receive anything you have to say about your work having had a go at the challenge. Imogen-Rose from Sutton Bonington wrote;

You start with a square, then all you do is tilt the square into a diamond and then back to a normal square and so on.

That's interesting - I wonder what a 'normal' square is?  Does a square change shape if it is tilted?  

A pupil  from Pownhall Hall School wrote;

It got small really quickly at first and then it got smaller slowly. The shapes got more regular as it went smaller. The measurements got harder as the shape got smaller.  

Finally Chris from Northowram Primary School wrote;

To start with I started with a rectangle and marked halfway on all four vertices with a dot then used a ruler to join the dots up to make a tilted parallelogram. I did the same thing with the parallelogram and then the shape was a rectangle. I did the same again but with a trapezium, then an isosceles triangle, then a hexagon, then finally an octagon.

Well Chris, it is good to see that you went further in investigating this challenge. So, thank you for these contributions and do feel encouraged to send in ideas from any challenge even though you may not have 'completed' it.