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If a ball is rolled into the corner of a room how far is its centre from the corner?

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Imagine two identical cylindrical pipes meeting at right angles and think about the shape of the space which belongs to both pipes. Early Chinese mathematicians call this shape the mouhefanggai.

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When the Angles of a Triangle Don't Add up to 180 Degrees

This article outlines the underlying axioms of spherical geometry giving a simple proof that the sum of the angles of a triangle on the surface of a unit sphere is equal to pi plus the area of the triangle.

Three Balls

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Chris, age 15, was able to solve the first part:

As $OP$ is a radius and $PT$ is a tangent, the angle between them is a right angle. So the triangle $OPT$ is right angled, and the hypotenuse is the diameter of the circle, so $P$ lies on the circle. In the same way, $Q$ lies on the circle.