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All Change

There are three versions of this challenge. The idea is to change the colour of all the spots on the grid. Can you do it in fewer throws of the dice?

Probable Words

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Amit from Visakha Valley School in South East India wrote;

In the first day of school holidays, when I asked my mom to take me park today evening, then she said, "Why today? What is there in the park? Anything special?"
Then I said, "Mom today in the park there is an exhibition.  It is very exciting."
Then she said, "But I have a lot of work to do at home. So let us plan tomorrow."
Then I said, "Please Mom I will help you in the work to finish it."
Then she laughed and said, "OK, you go and play now. Let us go in the evening."
When I asked my Dad to take me park today evening, then he said,"No, no it is the right time to learn extra activities. I will buy you a bicycle you practise at home. Let us go on any other day."
Then I said "Dad, in the park there is skating ring. So many children will do skating there. I also will learn it. Please take me to the park today. It also will be an extra activity to me, Dad."
Then my Dad laughed and said, "OK , I will take to you park in the evening. Get ready."
When I asked my friend to go to park, he said "No, no it is very boring in the park. All are trees and plants. What is there to see? I will not come with you to the park."
Then I said "Oh, dear friend! I think you have never seen a park. Actually there are so many fun things in a park. The air in the park in the evening is so pleasant and good for health. We are very much tired with our school work. So it will be relaxation for us."
Then he said, "Then it is OK. Let us go in the evening."  

Here are the words that various youngsters suggested;

Henry from St. Peter's College 
No-Tomorrow-Maybe-After lunch-Yes-Definitely-We'll go right now.

Alex from St. Peter's College 
No-Over my dead body-When you've done your homework-Ask your grandpa-Unlikely-When your dad gets home-Maybe-Once I've finished my coffee-Definitely-Yes.

Clayton also from St. Peter's College


Josh from The Hall

Never going to happen-Almost definitely can-Not likely-Possibly-Maybe-I'll think about it-You almost certainly can-You definitely can

Parnia from Servite R.C.School

Never-No-Probably Not-Let's see-Maybe-Probably-Yes-Anytime.

Andrew from Melbourn Village College

Never-Probably not-I don't think so-I doubt it-Maybe-We'll see-Hopefully-Probably-Almost certainly-Yes.

Six pupils from Burford wrote

Never-No way-Oh no-no-I don't know-We will see-Maybe-Perhaps-You might-Probably-Ok-Of course-You may-Oh yes-Yes you can-Sure-Definitely-Yes.

Mila from Ricards Lodge HIgh School got the ideas sorted out along a line like this.

 prob Words 2

This was an interesting idea, well done Mila for thinking of this. From Lasswade Schoold in Scotland we had the following list of words in the Scots Language.

nae chance - dinnae think sae-nae likely-dinnae ken-A 'hink sae - Aw" richt then- Aye

Well done all  of you.

Maybe teachers looking at these may see some value in having similar discussions in various areas of Mathematics to find out what pupils see as the associated words they know. For example when working on temperature, "hot, OK, muggy, nice  . . . . . ."