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Make a cube out of straws and have a go at this practical challenge.


Reasoning about the number of matches needed to build squares that share their sides.

Little Boxes

How many different cuboids can you make when you use four CDs or DVDs? How about using five, then six?

Auditorium Steps

Age 7 to 14
Challenge Level

Why do this problem?

It acts as a further extension to Wrapping Presents. It's an activity that is intended to give opportunities for those pupils to explore deeply using their intuition, flair and risk-taking skills.

Possible approach

As this is designed for the highest attaining, it might be presented as on the website or in a one-to-one situation, encouraging discussion between adult and pupil. This discussion could determine what kind of start suits the learner, for example it may be a model needs to be constructed, it may be a conversation about imagining it in the head, it may be a $2$D representation.

Key questions 

Tell me about this/your thinking.