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Noah Poster

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

There are lots of different possibilities here!

For example, if all the animals Noah saw were 1 legged animals, there would be 12 of them. Perhaps 12 snails!

If all the animals Noah saw were 2 legged animals, there would be 6 of them. They could be birds e.g. robins, blackbirds, pigeons, maybe even humans - there are lots more!

If all the animals Noah saw were 4 legged animals, there would be 3 of those animals. Different types of 4 legged animals are dogs, cats, hedgehogs, horses, pigs, cows etc. etc.

If all the animals Noah saw were 6 legged animals, any insect for example, there would be 2 of those animals.

However, you can also mix 2 legged animals and 4 legged animals, and 6 legged animals. You could also have a spider, which has 8 legs.