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I Like ...

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:
We had just a few solutions come in, Heidi from Brighton Primary School in Australia sent in her idea.

You choose every 5th number

Alison from A P S in Australia sent in her idea for the next guess.

25 is my answer

Connor, Alex and Christopher from Pakuranga Heights School in New Zealand agreed with Heidi saying:-

Divisible by 5

Rischabh of  the European School of Varese in Italy was unsure and wants more information:

It is either odd numbers, or the five times table. I would like to try number 7. If it goes on the left, it means it's the odd numbers, and if it goes on the right, it's the five times table. I will also try 10 to be sure.

What if the number 7 and the number 10 went into the "I don't like" section. Are there any other possibilities?
Thank you for those submitted solutions.