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Sorting the Numbers

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

We had some interesting responses from St. James School in Southam. UK.

James, Mathieu, Morgan and Stephen wrote:

On the large square you add $8$ to each column and on the smaller square you add $6$ each time.

Alex, Isaac, Matty and Emil wrote:

$+8$ downwards, $+9$ diagonally right downwards, $+7$ diagonally left downwards

Lauren, Zoe, Jade and Katie:

The first box is equivalent to $22$, and then we discovered that if you plussed $8$, then that would be your next boxes answer! Following through right until the end of the larger square!

Finally from Leeds in the UK who sent in several neat thoughts, here's just one;

Whilst this was all we had sent in it is probably the case that many of you did some interesting thinking about this but you felt that there was not anything that you could write into an email. Remember that whatever pieces of work come about from the starting point we are interested. LATE LATE NEWS:- Thank you Lady Elizabeth Hastings Primary School, Ledston for a truly wonderful response.