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It Was 2010!

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level

Well we certainly had a lot of solutions sent in THANK YOU! Here are just a selection.

On the $1$st of January we had this idea from Nebal from Al khor school in Qatar:

$4$ times $5$ then times $100$ then add to the product of $2$ times $5$

which could be written as $(4\times5\times100)+(2\times5)$

Priyanha from North Haringay said - quite amusingly - that the question was

"What is the year?"

Priya from Edgbaston High School gave an example using four different actions,

$2000 + 20 - 10$ squared add $10$ minus $5$ and $4 - 9$ square rooted!

which of course would have been difficult to write just using symbols.

Anabel from the Convent of Jesus and Mary wrote

The squared root of four million forty thousand and one hundred.

Kiran from Brooke Weston Academy produced ideas as follows:

$2\times3\times5\times67$ (Prime Factor Decomposition)
$11111011010$ in binary
MM+X in Roman addition to give MMX

A good combination of different operations came from Hannah at Rawdon Littlemoor School:

$4$ squared $\times 100 + 25 $ squared $ - 215$

James from Queen Victoria School (who sent in many solutions) sent in:

$8\times6=48 +2=50\times25=1250+50=1300+710=2010$

We have to be a little bit careful of where we put an equals sign when we're writing out a calculation like that one, but we understand what you mean, James.

Qize Jaic from Brook Street sent in

$201000000000000000 \div 100000000000000$

These from Tudhoe Grange Lower School (Lucy, Brianna, Jordan and Hannah Louise):

"What year will be the reggae singer Bob Marley's $65$th birthday?"

"What is this word ... net-dna-dnasuoht-owt?"

Two thousand and ten 1s , added together.

$211-25-22-2 =2010$

These from Aycliffe Drive School, (Omotayu, Callum and Jonathan):

Using just $1$'s and zeros:
$1000$ divided by $1$add $10$ add $1000$

Good use of brackets:

James from Eskdale sent in his good idea:


Samuel from Scisset School also had a good idea:

$30$ squared $ + 35$ squared $ - 11$

Krystof sent in these two which were both well thought-out:

$16^3 - 2000 - 96 + 10$
$12^3 +5^3+5^3+4^3-5^2-2^3+1$

Well done all of you I am very pleased that so much good work came from you all who sent ideas in.