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Lunar Leaper

Gravity on the Moon is about 1/6th that on the Earth. A pole-vaulter 2 metres tall can clear a 5 metres pole on the Earth. How high a pole could he clear on the Moon?

Which Twin Is Older?

A simplified account of special relativity and the twins paradox.


A ball whooshes down a slide and hits another ball which flies off the slide horizontally as a projectile. How far does it go?

Moving Stonehenge

Age 16 to 18
Challenge Level

Archimedes' Principle says that when you displace some volume of fluid, you experience an upward force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.

The problem boils down to finding out how much weight a metre of log can support.

Many physics A-Level syllabuses cover Archimedes' Principle, which is covered in more depth in most 1st year general engineering courses.