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How many triangles can you make on the 3 by 3 pegboard?


Investigate the different shaped bracelets you could make from 18 different spherical beads. How do they compare if you use 24 beads?

Tessellating Triangles

Can you make these equilateral triangles fit together to cover the paper without any gaps between them? Can you tessellate isosceles triangles?

Cutting Corners

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

During the 2020 lockdown we received this letter and lovely picture. Thank you so very much and well done Sophie.

I am currently home teaching my grandchildren ( I am in Northern Ireland and they are in Scotland) and have found your website invaluable. I thought that I would forward this design inspired by the Cutting Corners activity done by Sophie aged 10. We have done several triangle activities and an angle one.  Many thanks for all these great investigations.