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A square patio was tiled with square tiles all the same size. Some of the tiles were removed from the middle of the patio in order to make a square flower bed, but the number of the remaining tiles was still a square number. What were the dimensions of the patio and the flower bed?

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Time of Birth

A woman was born in a year that was a square number, lived a square number of years and died in a year that was also a square number. When was she born?

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Square Routes

How many four digit square numbers are composed of even numerals? What four digit square numbers can be reversed and become the square of another number?


Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Look carefully at the sum below:

[3(230 + A)] 2 = 492 80A

What is the value of the digit A and HOW did you arrive at your answer?