stemNRICH Resource Key

Age 11 to 18
Challenge Level

This is a key of the standard icons used in stemNRICH to label the style of the problems.

This problem contains a Flash interactive resource or requires a computer for spreadsheet work. Good for use on interactive whiteboards as a group activity or on individual computers.
This problem can be used as a quick starter or lesson filler. There might be several smaller pieces to the problem or it might quickly generate thought or discussion. This does not mean that the full potential of the problem will quickly be exhausted: you may wish to return to the problem several times or analyse the resulting issues in detail.
This problem quickly raises many interesting ideas and is particularly well suited to group discussion or for thinking about individually over a longer period of time.
This is a longer problem which raises many interesting ideas and is well suited to investigation. The problem will benefit from research and thinking around the topic. It will probably require students to do some research to find information from elsewhere.
This problem is well suited to solving on your own; it is likely to require some quiet thinking time and detailed computation.
This problem is hands on: you will be making or doing something physical.
This problem either requires an experiment or is enhanced by performing an experiment.