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A garrison of 600 men has just enough bread ... but, with the news that the enemy was planning an attack... How many ounces of bread a day must each man in the garrison be allowed, to hold out 45 days against the siege of the enemy?

Balancing 1

Meg and Mo need to hang their marbles so that they balance. Use the interactivity to experiment and find out what they need to do.

Zin Obelisk

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:

In the ancient city of Atlantis a monument called a Zin Obelisk was built in honour of the goddess Tina.

The structure (a cuboid) took less than two weeks to complete.

Your task is to determine on which day of the week the monument was completed.

You will need a set of information cards to solve the problem.

For the set, you'll need to print off this Word document or this pdf.

Printable NRICH Roadshow resource. 

Sample zin cards

The original version of this problem appeared in "Improving Work Groups: A Practical Manual for Team Building" by Dave Francis & Don Young.