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Animated Triangles

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

For this task, you will need to watch the short film Notes on a Triangle, on the National Film Board of Canada's website.
You may like to watch it a few times - it is just under five minutes long.

How would you describe what happens in the film in just a few sentences?

Now watch just the first 34 seconds. You might like to watch this part a few times.
Can you describe what happens in this part?
Here is a sheet of triangles for you to print off and cut out (using coloured paper might be a good idea). Can you recreate some of the images in this first 34 seconds of the film? Please do send us photos of what you do.

Now continue watching from the 34th second up to a minute.
What happens in this section of the film?
Try creating some of the images in this part using cut-out triangles.
Again, we'd love to see what you do - please take pictures to send to us.