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Playing Connect Three

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

You need to consider all the different possible outcomes when you throw the dice.

You could get:

$^-5$ on the Yellow dice & $^-3$ on the Red dice, or
$3$ on the Yellow dice & $^-1$ on the Red dice, or...

How many different possible outcomes are there?

You can make different totals with each combination.

If you get $3$ & $^-1$ you can make totals of $2$ or $4$ or $^-4$:

Yellow dice + Red dice
$3 + (^-1) = 2$

Yellow dice - Red dice
$3 - (^-1) = 4$

Red dice - Yellow dice
$^-1 - 3 = ^-4$

How many combinations are there for each throw of the dice?

How many combinations are there altogether?