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Make a cube out of straws and have a go at this practical challenge.


Reasoning about the number of matches needed to build squares that share their sides.

Little Boxes

How many different cuboids can you make when you use four CDs or DVDs? How about using five, then six?

More Building with Cubes

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Abbie, Kyle and Sophie from Lillington Primary School sent us pictures of building A. Here is Abbie's:

This is Kyle's:

And this is Sophie's image which is drawn from a slightly different perspective:

Alice from the Royal School sent us a picture of building B, which she drew on isometric paper (a very good idea!):

building B solution

Thank you, Alice.

Pupils at Lillington Primary School also tried building C. Here is Abbie's picture:

building C

Jerrold drew it from a different perspective. Which cube can't you see? Where would it be?

building C

Thank you, too, to Nisar, Dereece, Kyle and Sophie who all sent in pictures of building C from different angles. You must have worked hard on this activity!