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Triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle with three parallel lines going through the vertices. Calculate the length of the sides of the triangle if the perpendicular distances between the parallel lines are 1 unit and 2 units.

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Angle to Chord

Stage: 4 Short Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Let $O$ be the centre of the circle.
Then $\angle POR=90^{\circ}$ as the angle subtended by an arc at the centre of a circle is twice the angle subtended by that arc at a point on the circumference of the circle.
So triangle $POR$ is an isosceles right-angled triangle with $PO=RO=4cm$. Let the length of $PR$ be $x$ cm.
Then, by Pythagoras' Theorem, $x^2=4^2+4^2=2 \times 4^2$ and so $x=4\sqrt{2}$.

This problem is taken from the UKMT Mathematical Challenges.