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100 Square Jigsaw

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Well done to everybody who solved these jigsaws. Lots of children sent us pictures of their finished jigsaws, but only a few children explained how they completed the 100 squares.

Joseph from Wolfson Hillel Primary School in the UK gave this advice:

Start from the top and work your way to the bottom.

Dynel from Whitegrove Primary School in the UK had a different strategy:

I started with 0. Because it was at the bottom, I put it at the bottom of the square. Then I put 1 next to it. And the rest just fell in place.

Thank you both for explaining your strategies! I wonder if it's easiest to start at the top of the square or at the bottom? Does it depend on the square?

Jeremy from Thailand sent in some step-by-step pictures showing how he solved the second puzzle. Have a look at Jeremy's solution and see if you can work out why he placed each piece in that order. Thank you for sending in this solution, Jeremy - it's interesting to see the step-by-step pictures.

We didn't have many ideas sent in about how to solve these jigsaws, so if you have any more ideas you'd like to share then please email us.