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Clock Hands

This investigation explores using different shapes as the hands of the clock. What things occur as the the hands move.

Transformation Tease

What are the coordinates of this shape after it has been transformed in the ways described? Compare these with the original coordinates. What do you notice about the numbers?

Penta Play

A shape and space game for 2, 3 or 4 players. Be the last person to be able to place a pentomino piece on the playing board.

Peg Rotation

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Here we have a kind of peg board. The holes go all the way through so the pegs may be seen from the top or underneath.


You'll see the 4 blue pegs.
Now the peg board is either:
  • flipped over - north to south, OR east to west, OR north-east to south-west, OR north-west to south-east;
  • or it is rotated clockwise or anticlockwise.

Can you find out which movements could produce the four next views?

You could make some of your own and get your friends to see if they can find how you've moved it to make your next picture.
Try now to put 4 pegs in so that when you do a move with the board it still looks the same.

Now I've made a triangular board to do the same things.
Here's the starting view:

How has it been moved to show these views?

Hope you've had fun exploring these.
Can you think up ways of changing what I've done so that you can explore further?