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2 Rings

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Alice from the Perse Senior School for Girls said:

I've done 4 combinations with red and blue separate, red touching the blue, red overlapping the blue and red inside the blue.

Here are the images which Alice sent:

red and blue separate
red and blue separate
red touching blue
red touching blue
red overlapping blue

red overlapping blue

red inside blue
red inside blue

Alyssa from Mason Middle School suggested:

You could make them overlapping by making them the same size.

You're right, Alyssa, you could. This would be quite difficult to draw, though, which is probably why you didn't send us an image! We would like to receive more ideas about how you could arrange two circles if you come up with some. Let us know!

Benjamin from Paradykes Primary School in Scotland sent in the following

To make the two rings touch grow one slightly bigger than the other and put the smaller one inside and touching the other ring. To make the two rings overlap then make them both same size crossing each other. For the last challenge, putting one ring outside the other you just simply make one tiny and one huge and put the tiny one inside the middle of the big one.

Thank you everyone for your contributions, you may find something similar in our Open Spaces pathway, which is part of our sister site Wild Maths.