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Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level

Tim from Gravesend Grammar School and Mohammad Afzaal Butt both sent us similar solutions to the problem. Well done Tim and Mohammad. Here is Mohammad's solution:

Let the three digit number be $xyz$. Hence the six digit number will be $xyzxyz$. Now
$$\eqalign { xyzxyz  &= 100000x + 10000y + 1000z + 100x + 10y + z \cr
&= 100100x + 10010y + 1001z \cr
&= 1001 (100x + 10y + z) \cr
&= 7 \times 11 \times 13 (100x + 10y + z)} $$ Hence the number $xyzxyz$ is always divisible by $7$, $11$ and $13$.