Tessellating Capitals

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

I know that when doing symmetry we often have a look at CAPITAL LETTERS.
We could try tessellating certain ones, deciding on good ones to try and those that would be no good.
A simple one to start with is the letter C - see what has happened when I've tried to tessellate them:
Not hard!
Slightly different we have:

Do you see how they are different?
Now try another one or two for yourself!

Capital F also seems a good one, but maybe it's a little harder.

I must admit I chose the sizes to be a bit easier!

I decided to lay two of them down like this:

Then playing about with putting them together I got:

This I was quite happy with, so I thought that having shown you, you could try some for yourself.

Please send us your tessellations. You could scan a drawing into the computer and send it that way, or you might like to take a digital photo of the tessellations.