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Presenting the Project

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

We had some very clear solutions from pupils at Tunbury Primary School and Burlish Middle School. Thank you! Hannah, Alice, Katy, Caitlin, James, Morgan and Jonat from Tunbury said:

We discovered that the class presented their project on Wednesday 21st June. We found this out by looking at the birthday, birth date and calendar charts. We found 3 birthdays in June on the 10th, 21st and 25th. It couldn't be the 10th or the 25th as the calendar shows these are on Saturday and Sunday.

Then we looked at the birth dates chart and saw that there were 18 dates on one side and 12 on the other side. We looked at the first chart, there were 12 girls and 18 boys so the person was a girl. The only girl's name with initials that matched the 3rd chart was Megan H. She was born in 1997 and was 8 years old when we did the investigation. Her height is between 130 and 145 cm and she is the youngest girl in her class.

The two twins are George Fand Fred F. We found this out by looking at the birthday dates and seeing who had the same birthdays. Their birthday is April 17th 1997. Then we looked at at the other birthday chart and looked on the 4th month and looked to who had the same 2nd name. After that we looked at the name chart and saw that the initials were F.F. and G.F. so they are Fred and George. The boys are 9 years old and are smaller than 130cm.

Laura, Molly and Amy from Burlish found out a little more information about the twins. They wrote:

To find the twins we looked on the Birthday list and spotted in the boys' column that two children had a birthday on the 17th April. We then looked at the date chart for April and saw that two children shared the same last initial. This told us that the twins were George F and Fred F. They have brown hair (we interpreted the colours this way because black, brown and blonde are the most common hair colours, although some people in our class thought it could be blonde, red and black). They are both shorter than 130cm which is lower than the average height for their class. They were 9 years old.