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A Problem of Time

Consider a watch face which has identical hands and identical marks for the hours. It is opposite to a mirror. When is the time as read direct and in the mirror exactly the same between 6 and 7?

Eight Dominoes

Using the 8 dominoes make a square where each of the columns and rows adds up to 8


The ten arcs forming the edges of the "holly leaf" are all arcs of circles of radius 1 cm. Find the length of the perimeter of the holly leaf and the area of its surface.

A Roll of Patterned Paper

Age 14 to 16
Challenge Level

The Frieze Symmetries are an important mathematical idea.
The question is about an infinite sequence of translations mapping onto itself by :

Reflection, V (vertical mirror line)
or Reflection, H (horizontal mirror line)
or Rotation, R
or by a combination of H with a half unit shift left or right (G, glide reflection) .

This is an excellent opportunity for children to categorize : R or not R, V or not V, etc.

There are in fact only 7 categories, and there's plenty to explore and discuss as the combination options are investigated.