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A Patchwork Piece

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

I have decided to make another patchwork quilt. The end result should look something like this:

new quilt design

It is a design known as "World without end" and is based on a series of squares like this:

patchwork design

The problem is to make the individual pattern pieces the right size (and shape!).

individual shapes

Although it is not exactly obvious this design is based on a regular octagon in a square. These diagrams show the transformations required:

transformations needed

This helps in making the individual pattern pieces. Can you work out how each of the above steps was achieved? Try it with a square piece of paper.

How could you make the pattern if you only have a ruler and a pair of scissors?

What about if you were allowed to use a pair of compasses as well?

Let us know how you achieved each step. You can send in pictures of your final piece, too.


Here are the first four squares of the actual quilt: