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LOGO Challenge - the Humble Square

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First Forward Into Logo 9: Stars

Age 11 to 18 Challenge Level:

First Forward Into Logo
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In FF7 you looked at the following procedures and were invited to alter them at your leisure:

REPEAT :N [FD 45 RT 360/:N]

REPEAT :N [FD :M RT 360/:N]

Now...two activities:

Activity one:
Consider REPEAT 5 [ FD 100 RT 144] .........what do you think this means? Try to imagine what is happening before entering the procedure into a machine. Imagine being the 'turtle' that creates the many times does it turn? Through how many degrees has it turned when it has finished the procedure?

Activity two:
Consider the procedure below. What do you think is happening? Talk through with your friends what you think the procedure is all about. Only then enter it into a machine and experiment with it.
REPEAT :N [ FD :M LT 720/:N]

Try GAZE 100 5;
GAZE 120 7;
GAZE 200 9;
GAZE 50 8 (Beware maybe not what you think!)
Okay then what about GAZE 150 12?
GAZE 250 16?

stars Alternatively, you might like to write a procedure for any of these shapes. Walk them first - either in your mind or in the playground.

You might also be interested in how the shapes were flled with colour.

This needs two new commands:

SETFLOODCOLOUR [:red :green :blue].
This works in a similar way to SETPC described in FF3.

This is the command that you use to fill your shape with the "Flood Colour" .
One word of warning - you have to be inside the shape to fill it!


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