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First Forward Into Logo 4: Circles

Age 7 to 16 Challenge Level:

First Forward Into Logo


It was Jane's insistence that we walk the semi-circle on the netball pitch. She was dismayed that I could not see that if we went forward one, right one a lot of times we would:

a. get back to where we started
b. have walked a circle.

Jane was six years old at the time and it had been my question, about the wheels on a train that she had drawn using LOGO, that had given rise to a protracted conversation, a walk round the netball pitch and an eventual agreement about:
First you might like to convince yourself about this instruction.

Then, why not experiment with:

* a different number of REPEATS
* going BACKWARD instead of FORWARD
* increasing/ decreasing the amount moved
* going LEFT instead of RIGHT
* increasing/ decreasing the amount turned.

Alternatively you might like to make some patterns using circles. Or, you might like to replicate the patterns below.