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A mathematician goes into a supermarket and buys four items. Using a calculator she multiplies the cost instead of adding them. How can her answer be the same as the total at the till?

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Round and Round and Round

Where will the point stop after it has turned through 30 000 degrees? I took out my calculator and typed 30 000 ÷ 360. How did this help?

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Toad in the Hole

Is it cheaper to cook a meal from scratch or to buy a ready meal? What difference does the number of people you're cooking for make?

Decimal Time

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
What does the word "decimal" make you think of? You could try looking it up in a dictionary.
How many hours are there in one of our days? What time is it half way through our day?
So, what time is it half way through the French decimal day? What does this tell you about the total number of hours in the French decimal day?
Do both systems have the same number of minutes in an hour?