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You Tell the Story

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

You Tell the Story

In the interactivity below, you can move the little man using the arrow keys on your computer and the graph records how far away from the sheep he is.
Before trying this problem, you might like to explore what happens when you move the man in different ways.

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Here are three graphs that you could produce by moving the man.
Can you create a story that describes the movement of the man which would produce each of these graphs?

(d is the distance from the sheep and t is the time taken)

first graph
second graph
third graph

If possible, it would be great to introduce the class to these ideas using a sensor, which gives an output on a distance/time graph by recording how far an object is from the sensor. (It can also be linked to a computer so that the display can be viewed easily by all.)

The idea of this problem is to introduce children to interpreting distance/time graphs and it will be invaluable to allow the class plenty of time to explore what the interactivity does. It may be appropriate to invite pupils to try and replicate the first graph on an interactive whiteboard so that everyone can see. Discussing the properties of this first graph all together will help the children to continue the problem for themselves. You may like to try Take Your Dog for a Walk after this problem.