Scale Draw

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Scale Draw

Have you ever tried drawing the same picture but a different size?
Here is a very simple picture of a cat's face, drawn on a square grid:

Cat on a grid

The grid lines on this picture will help to make it easier to draw different sizes.
Using grid lines to help you, can you draw the same cat's face but twice as wide and twice as high?
Can you draw the cat's face half as wide and half as long?
You may like to use this sheet with the grids drawn for you.

We would love to receive your pictures, so please do scan them in and send them to us.

Why do this problem?

This problem introduces children to the idea of scale.

Possible approach

Key questions

How many squares along the top edge of the grid is the point of each ear?
So can you work out where the point will go on a different grid?
How many squares along and down does each eye go?

Possible extension

The questions have deliberately stuck to grids that are in the same proportion as the original grid, but you could ask children how the cat's face would change if, for example, the width stayed the same but the length was halved. This could produce an interesting discussion about why this new cat looks different to ones drawn in a proportionate grid.

Possible support

You may like to use this sheet with the grids drawn for you.