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Little Man

The Man is much smaller than us. Can you use the picture of him next to a mug to estimate his height and how much tea he drinks?


Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Blackcurrant drinks of various concentrations

Lizzie's Dad is making some blackcurrant squash for Lizzie and her friends.

A purple rectangle stands for a measure of blackcurrant and a white rectangle for a measure of water:

purple rectangle = blackcurrant, white rectangle = water

Can you decide which of these drinks, when mixed, will be the blackcurrantiest? (In other words, which one will have the strongest blackcurrant taste.)

one purple and two white rectangles   two purple and one white rectangle
one purple and one white rectangle   one purple and three white rectangles

Order the drinks from the blackcurrantiest to the one which would have the least blackcurrant flavour.
Can you explain why you have put them in that order?