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Cuisenaire Environment

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Cuisenaire Environment

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Click on 'Rods', to choose a Cuisenaire rod and then drag it onto the squared background. More rods can be added in a similar way and aligned as you wish. A rod can be rotated by $90^\circ$ by clicking any key whilst dragging. The background squares can be altered (for example increasing/decreasing their size) using the 'View' menu.

You could use this environment for all sorts of purposes - perhaps to explore addition and subtraction, factors and multiples or ideas about fractions.

For more ideas, look at the Notes section, or go to this page where there is a collection of Cuisenaire problems.

This interactive environment can be used with children, perhaps on an interactive whiteboard, for many different purposes. These might include, for example, exploring ideas associated with factors and multiples or addition and subtraction. It is also an ideal context in which to investigate fractions and ratio, or to look at finding combinations. You can also explore number patterns. By asking different questions, the environment can be put to all sorts of uses.

You can also encourage children to 'play with' the interactivity themselves, perhaps in pairs.

For NRICH problems which specifically mention the use of Cuisenaire rods, go to the Maths finder and select 'Mathematics Tools'.