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The Lady or the Lions

The King showed the Princess a map of the maze and the Princess was allowed to decide which room she would wait in. She was not allowed to send a copy to her lover who would have to guess which path to follow. Which room should she wait in to give her lover the greatest chance of finding her?

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Master Minding

Your partner chooses two beads and places them side by side behind a screen. What is the minimum number of guesses you would need to be sure of guessing the two beads and their positions?

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Two's Company

7 balls are shaken in a container. You win if the two blue balls touch. What is the probability of winning?

Flippin' Discs

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Try listing the possible outcomes.

A tree diagram may be helpful.

If you are not using the interactivity, you could try using coins and keeping a record of what happens.