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Six circles around a central circle make a flower. Watch the flower as you change the radii in this circle packing. Prove that with the given ratios of the radii the petals touch and fit perfectly.

Two Trees

Two trees 20 metres and 30 metres long, lean across a passageway between two vertical walls. They cross at a point 8 metres above the ground. What is the distance between the foot of the trees?

Golden Triangle

Three triangles ABC, CBD and ABD (where D is a point on AC) are all isosceles. Find all the angles. Prove that the ratio of AB to BC is equal to the golden ratio.

Double Angle Triples

Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:

Consider the triangle $ABC$ as shown in the diagram. Show that if $\angle B = 2 \angle A$ then $b^2=a^2+ac$. Find integer solutions of this equation (for example, $a=4$, $b=6$ and $c=5$) and hence find examples of triangles with sides of integer lengths and one angle twice another.