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Six in a Circle

If there is a ring of six chairs and thirty children must either sit on a chair or stand behind one, how many children will be behind each chair?

Biscuit Decorations

Andrew decorated 20 biscuits to take to a party. He lined them up and put icing on every second biscuit and different decorations on other biscuits. How many biscuits weren't decorated?

Constant Counting

You can make a calculator count for you by any number you choose. You can count by ones to reach 24. You can count by twos to reach 24. What else can you count by to reach 24?

Nineteen Hexagons

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

Here is a maze made from hexagons:

maze of hexagons with numbers in their centres

You need to go from the centre to one of the outside hexagons in two steps.
You start in the centre at $0$.
The next hexagon you visit must be a multiple of $2$.
The next hexagon you visit must be a multiple of $5$.
What are the possible paths you could take?

This sheet of hexagons may be helpful.